Educate me:

How on earth can we not see our own (lovely) self in 3D?
Whilst the rest of the massive universe is able to.
Whilst the initial judgment is literally taken from it.

Now it sounds like a super-silly thing after I wrote it down but come to think of it, this seems so unbelievably unfair. All you can do is looking at your front bodypart, where we mostly do it in front of a mirror but people, thats 2D. We all stare at it like theres no tomorrow. Then when the thought of looking at your back comes, nothing you can do as in 3D-wise. Your head isn’t designed to be turned for 360 degrees. And neither can you see the top of your head, the back of your neck, your bulky (oops) butt, nor to see your own face that is reflecting YOU!

And surprise surprise people envision the whole you from the combination of them all. From top to bottom, front and back, side to side. The way you walk, the way you run, the way you stand, they know it all. Is it just me or is there anyone else who finds it strange?


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