Behind the Name’s Name

Kajsa. Annika. Keching! Glubbbalhfisyfemnvmdsugweirysdmdsnvsfwe. All just wanna be big rockstar and Koara-no-march. Swedes… Pop! Gluttony and fringe… Purse and turtle. Shadows that are too dark for your skin tone but fabulous anyway! Love and hate… You want to but you cannot reach. Pessimism reaching its limit – what other underdog would you discover? It’s 8.59 pm and you realised you have several thousands worth of research to do in exactly one week. You haven’t started, even a single bit. No data. No analyses. No hypothesis testing, no idea, no nothing. Then you panic but at the same time you’re doing all this crap all over again/ not much to lose, you don’t think. Maybe a sinless fairy will come down to earth and save you by the wing, take you to heaven up above. You wish. No, this is all true, all reality. Came the overriding facts, we are all dead in brain, in heart. Hair brushes will only be doing you justice, they do you good. Alas, not with scissors. It’s much too evil and sharp and make you scared you wanna runaway. This whole series of love is agonizing. Why create when they only harm? Colony of clouds deliver you affection that your mother doesn’t. “What do you say, you little rascal?” you flick in your heart. Shoes covered in mud, from along lost journey you had week ago… You were lost, but you were at home. Taxi! Taxi! Taxi! The field you’re walking in is soulless.. Just like them drivers. Crows and ducks… Cows and bruises. 392 minutes of desperation and you still lost your mind. Left, or right? Stop, or go? Then you were deserted by the ground area with free phone booth. You could wish nothing better. “Halo? Gemini? Windsor ground park. Cheers.” Sun is down, your spirit is up, feel like cutting your fringe in new angle. Let’s go to Stockholm and spread Tacks all around, with big smile. The van pulled over, he said “You alright?”. I said “I’ve had the longest and most interesting day of my life.”


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