Colony of Love

The cumulative weaknesses are rather a disadvantage to your fabulous spirit. The idea is that equivalence is a factor forever significant. Your tantamount anger and ridiculous defending allow us every single woman in your vision. What is there to do, you would ask the ignored sincere hearts. I shall be exploring but no further, no possessions; no love. Exploit however you wish and may you be granted happiness that is initially free. Within the change, we are all fooled by the sharpness of words and the smoothness of acts. The four eyes met and speak to each other but never he captured the true meaning and emotion. Far from perfection, defining such moment be rather identical to reading what is on that peacock’s mind. Falling in or falling out? No certain second did we discuss the matter. We discussed someone else’s. Complexity to be dedicated to one’s life is a destiny, none should beg to differ. The colony of love… The monstrosity of passion be all to waste, and to one’s disappointment, still the young Sir does not realise.


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