Rain and Chocolate Prince *****

I plunged myself in a big slouchy brown beanbag. Heavy rain has been down for quite sometime now, leaving my front balcony drenched in water. Razorlight’s Wire To Wire is playing mildly on Safari, it’s a great discovery. A half-eaten dark chocolate Toblerone on the side table, absentmindedly shared with a colony of red ants as the bar is left neglected for minutes. Bright yellow chandelier lights up in the high-ceiling living room, sort of induced me to free-fall to the lower ground any second now. Might not be true, but I did imagine.

No one else was home, it’s 14.21 and the rain has been torrential by this time. Slamming bedroom doors. Roaring thunders. Shivering palm trees. Overflowing gutters. I sense flood is somehow imminent. I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this city was submerged? Then we all could be heroes. We could all save lives legitimately.

Then his smell suddenly lingered. His majestic series of words are impartial to my mind, his deep thoughts tangoed as they remain to divulge. Scenes have changed. The unconfined world of his that attaches great pleasure. Great divine. Despite that it is a world that is full of impossibility. The unthinkable that I fear. But this impossibility has embraced the littlest things in my being. What am I? What are you? What are we? It answers all without us ever speaking. True essence of reality is conscious, even to the blinded like us. Down in this daydream, there’s a slideshow of his images and my ideas. Can we be more losing without getting lost? Just like what we may be now? Can we be more knowing without getting known? Then I realise that we are just sequence of fugitives after all. We escape. We cut and run. And we better off burning out than fading away. 

Because I fear loss. Although slowly I will be in demand to leave. 

Rain, chocolate, prince. Please. They’re all some kind of heroes. They could save my life, justly or otherwise. They travel with my thoughts into the wilderness of unseen/unknown beauty. Three ingredients is all I need. Rain for the soul, chocolate for the appetite, and prince for the reasoning. It’s now 14.54 and it has been a smooth abstraction. Here and now, there and tomorrow. Where do we go? It is never concrete, always a natural imagination. We just need to let the rain and chocolate be what they are while the prince and I leave in silence. 

This reverie caught me. I wonder what will happen when the rain ends and the chocolate finishes. Do we hit the edge?


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