Forget about the bond for a while. Take that out of equation for a while. You’re doing everything but saving me out of all this edge and said you’ll do everything. Suffered, I am to say the least. We could never say “it’s not you, it’s me”. All has been about us, all the perfection unfavoured. Red squares where evil covering the good. Stay in pretty bubble whole our life, we could. But would we? Should we? Do we agree when we look back? Is this the state we should be in at all?

You get me, I would not want to stay in this blob forever. I could not race in this circuit forever. I don’t want for when I look back, not acting out is what I regret. But you don’t see what I see, it hurts. The only time we disagree and I need you voiceless, heartless, like what I’ve been to you. A sagacious devil inside your angelic babe. Who knew?

Logic kills us both.

As what we need.


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