Blood Bank (Bon Iver)

Well I met you at the blood bank, we were looking at the bags / Wondering if any of the colors, matched any of the names we knew on the tags / You said “See look at that’s yours”, stacked on top with your brother’s / See how they resemble one another’s, even in their plastic little covers / Well I said I know it well / That secret that you know, that you don’t know how to tell / Well it fucks with your honor, and it teases your head / But you know that it’s good girl, cos it’s running through you with thread / Then the snow started falling, we were stuck out in your car / You were rubbing both my hands, chewing on a candy bar / You said “Ain’t it just like a present, to be showing up like this?” / As the moon waned to crescent, we started to kiss / I said I know it well / That secret that you know, but you don’t know how to tell / I’m in love with your honor, I’m in love with your cheeks / What’s that noise up the stairs babe? Is that Christmas morning creaks?

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