Play In The Ashes

Would you call it an accident if you saw it happening?

Like when some ridiculously ill-fitted life puzzles start to dominate your everyday thoughts and you’re left wondering if they’re ever going to get back in order. Or when things go on so fucking smoothly that you sense a mishap is bound to happen sooner than later. Or when you just can’t get your head around what’s exactly happening and end up behaving like Joaquin Phoenix on multiple shots. Epic tragedy. Or when grand ideas float around the air and yet you make palpable wrong choices and you feel like nothing’s ever going to turn out right. Or when steering your own wheels is draining you out and you start bumping on those traffic cones at shoulder lane and yet you come out mildly harmed because you slammed that brake and swerve around.

Out and beyond the ideas of intuition, are these called accidents?
Is it an accident if you had a chance to avoid it from happening?
Should an accident take away your control?

Perhaps accidents come in different forms – one happens in a split second, and another happens within unbearable hours, days, weeks, months or even years. The puzzles shatter slowly in between. Perhaps we should never ever fall in love with potential, in the first place. They’re accident-prone and worse, they make you fall.




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