The Saddest Music in the World

I don’t know how to communicate with myself better other than through music. It takes me to hidden corners. It takes me back eons, it helps me sketch future, it helps me travel through present. Some people listen to music for the sake of hearing notes, but to me it’s a reflective platform, an aesthetic journey. I never understand it when people whine about the lack of decent music. Good music is everywhere, we just need to find them. They need to be discovered!     

Feist had always been around the scene before she signed that Apple deal for iPod ad. She didn’t turn into a better musician just because she had extra exposure – she had always been a talented singer/songwriter, people are just too lazy to dig into the record shelves. Bat for Lashes didn’t make their way up just because they opened up Radiohead’s gig in London, they’ve always been a ridiculously talented bunch of psychos even pre-Glastonbury 2007. Same thing for The National, it wasn’t a one-night show that their single was featured in NBC’s Chuck for the band had been around for 8 years prior to that. Still, people thought they’re a new-found beauty.     

In that note, I’d like to think that The National make the saddest music in the world. Listen to their album, Boxer. If you don’t want to at least escape or disappear from this world, let me know.     

The National – Racing Like a Pro

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