My Ambidextrous Apparition

On rare occasions I would dig and find, On strange days I would be unearthed and led, On dying times, never both and complete, On an opened spring I hunt, hunt, hunt, till they appear, On mornings so blasé I bend a machine, beep beep, barcoded, bagged and beloved, On centred nights rambling man arrives knocking, tip-toeing, remaining unnamed, On this land, and the lands across, everyone recasts expressions, weak be strong, I be you, halves be one, rocks be creatures, running water marries salty tears. On discreet comments, grudging girlfriends and veiled women, making peace, On sleeping bats upon the gnomes, the black tulips, the motels and the suites, On Fire, On Fire!, On scaling with their left, carrying weights with their enemy-cum-ally right, each venturing on harmony, On plastics fitting both hands, interchangeable, partaking in equality, trading sans submissiveness, On things complex, On things we mean simple, On words written, On eyes be so studious, On things we tell our heads, On hearts resorting, thoughts discerning, On believing things we only see and seeing things we only believe, may the right always be right and left be the ease of itself.


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