#37 Fondness

I guess when we like certain things, we don’t care whether it’s pretentious or stupid. Or how other people value it, how they might disagree, or how obscure we are seen by our peers. Those don’t really matter. When we like something we happen to like, we just go enjoy and live it. We breathe it, we back it up, we spend our waking hours taking and making the best out of it. Whatever happens outside the glass wall, we won’t mind. We can be boring, we are allowed to talk about boring stuff and it’s okay to speak of it all the time.

We’re free to like and be disapproved of.

You can eat beans for lunch and toothpaste for dinner

I can be very repetitive and it’s all okay

(But maybe, just maybe, no red stilettos on funerals)

•  •  •

I hope there will be no days when I have to like things for other people

Godspeed, me.


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