Loyalty Card

I can listen to the same music for hours on end, weeks on end, one song at a time on end. I can read books from one author for years on end, I did read just Murakami for a year (2007) on end. I can randomly discover a supersweet mini car in the street and take note of its make and model and then go home to google on that just to find out that it’s Citroen DS3 and shouldn’t be roaming round the city. I did stare and drool at the laptop screen dreaming of driving behind the steering wheel – yup, dedicated forty-five minutes for that today.

I can wash my car, dust its dashboard, wipe the mirrors, remove all kinds of unearthly stickiness and hoover on the tiniest little crumbs on my carpets for buckets on end. I did spend 2.5 hours making time for all that one Saturday morning.

I can talk to the same handful of people, go to the same places, eat the same food, walk the same route, dress the same way, all day every day, for hours/ weeks/ months on end.

Nice things go on a repeat. If this could fit in a loyalty card I think I’d have won that KitchenAid breadmaker machine by now.


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